Video takes the world by storm [video]

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by Brafton Editorial
Hi, Ted Karczewski with this week’s Content & Coffee with Brafton. You’ve probably noticed that video is one of the fastest rising formats in content marketing. It seems like you can’t go online without coming across featured videos on social networks and search engines.


Companies are creating videos to highlight their value props, present client testimonials and demonstrate products. Why? Because consumers embrace online video content as a way to learn about brands. They find this is an engaging way to quickly digest facts about complicated ideas, and it’s easier and faster than reading.

Perhaps more importantly – companies are investing in video strategies because marketers are seeing demonstrable results. IMN’s 2013 Content Marketing Survey Report found that as of 2013, 18 percent of brands say video is the most-effective vessel for content marketing – up from 3 percent last year.

Agile brands are fueling this sudden surge in video creation by fusing their marketing prowess and visual production talents. This is a completely different approach from filming expensive one-off clips. Marketers have realized frequency can play a significant role in generating leads through YouTube, and they look to agencies that offer a variety of video content as part of long-term partnerships.

When brands publish an array of visual content to the web, their efforts naturally push prospects through the sales funnel by hooking viewers with engaging stories. Effective storytelling can set a business apart from its competition, especially in crowded marketplaces. More and more, brands understand this evolution in content creation and trends suggest it’s only the beginning of video marketing on the web.

Catch you next week, and happy content marketing.

Effective Twitter marketing shows brands the money

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by Brafton Editorial
​Tweets directly lead to revenue upticks, but other social media content may actually produce stronger ROI long term.

​Whether companies use Twitter to engage audiences in real time or as a megaphone to reach the masses, posting powerful Tweets at the perfect time has been proven to generate revenue. Brafton reported that 85 percent of brands saw improved user engagement when they incorporated real-time marketing practices across their websites. These features include live chat options and social sharing icons, and leveraging the right Twitter marketing campaigns can add more dollars to profit margins.

SumAll’s Mark Uzunian wrote a blog post a few months back that calculated the exact value of Twitter content in today’s socially driven marketplace. By now, most industry-obsessed professionals know a single Tweet is worth around $25.62, while a ReTweet is valued at $20.37. With companies publishing at least six unique Tweets per day,​ they can generate a meaningful return by focusing on conversations taking place within their industries. SumAll data shows companies that successfully integrate Twitter into their online marketing strategies see a 1 to 2 percent increase in total annual revenue.

While the microblogging network has grown into a standard practice for many businesses, it’s important for marketers to understand how it compares to other mobile-first applications. SumAll also reported that one Instagram follower is worth 10 Twitter followers. Twitter may be the go-to solution for companies today, but as marketers learn how to effectively measure the ROI of social media content, plans may transition to more profit-driven touch points. Brands can see results from Twitter, but it’s also important for every marketer to keep a close eye on the social industry in general. There’s a ton of money to be made through customer engagement, and the cash cow has yet to be revealed to the masses.