Beacons in Real Estate

Beacon technology is for showcasing their properties, interacting with prospective buyers, automating the buying process and more.

Let’s look at the possibilities:

<strong>Broadcast property information</strong>: An easy way to do this is to install beacons on ‘For Sale’ signs so that a passersby can get information about the property that he or she is in vicinity of. A bonus: you can enable this feature in a matter of minutes through a simple beacon campaign. This will help buyers make more informed decisions about the homes they wish to view or purchase, and will allow you to easily broadcast information about your properties to interested buyers.

<strong>Guided property tours</strong>: One of the best potential use cases of beacons in real estate is a guided property tour. When an interested buyer is at the property location, you could give them access to a virtual tour around the property. This will help to highlight features that they may not have noticed otherwise. This way they can see the property at their own pace, without losing the useful information of a traditional property tour.

The Possibilities are endless!