View By Text Offers Mobile Marketing Tips

Choose a Simple Keyword
Since customers have to remember both a short code and a keyword, keep it short and simple to text.


Think About Your Offer
Your customers need a reason to opt-in to a campaign. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.


Integrate Your Mobile Marketing Program
Promote your mobile campaigns using any of your existing promotional channels such as print advertising, radio & television, website, merchandise material, menus, your shop window, receipts/invoices. Online networking websites such as Twitter, My Space or Facebook are also a good source for integration of your mobile marketing.


Consistency Is Key
Include your keyword and short code in everything that you do. The more your advertise the more responses you will receive. Try different keywords for different advertising mediums so you know which are most successful.


Keep the Message Simple
You have a short amount of time to capture your audience, so make sure you keep it simple and to the point. If advertising on radio or television, make sure to repeat the keyword and short code at least five times. In print advertising, make sure that the keyword and short code stand out i.e. bigger font and use a color that attracts the human eye.


The SRT Principal
To make sure that your message is effective it must be Simple, Relevant and Timely. Make sure that all three factors are included in each message that is sent.


Develop a Relationship With Your Customers
Collect customer names and send out birthday notifications and special announcements. Focus on a long term communications strategy.



The Power of Text Message Forwarding
Always think about the call to action that involves spreading the message.



Create Employee Contests
Reward your employees based on the amount of opt-in customers each employee generates in any given period of time with bonuses and gift certificates.