QR codes seem to be everywhere, billboards, magazines, sides of buses, real estate advertisements, etc, etc. There’s a good reason for this.  When used correctly, QR codes are a major tool to enhance the interactive  experience for customers and prospective customers.

And as long as the person has a smart phone, and according to Nielson Surveys there will be over 100 million in use in the US by end 2011, using a QR code to get info, send a text, see a website, or make a phone call is the way to go.

By adding attractive QR codes to signage, correspondence, ads and fliers, you’ve inexpensively increased your ways of doing business. And when you use the View By Text Call Capture platform behind the QR code, you are assured of getting a way to contact prospective buyers immediately.

Mobile Marketing is here to stay, and brands that don’t embrace ways to weave mobile tactics into their marketing place are going to be left in the dust (just remember all of those companies that thought the Internet was a fad).