It was a pleasure meeting you today….I have to tell you a that I am totally impressed with the results of the texting signs. I recently gave a sign to a Keller Williams agent in Central Valley, he placed the sign on the lawn of a home in Cornwall and after about 2 weeks of placing the sign, he got a “hit” . Well, that client ended up purchasing the home, and the Realtor ended up with both sides of the transaction….this was a win-win situation for him as well as myself since I originated the mortgage!!!
Kindest regards,
Scott G
Home Mortgage Consultant
Renovation Specialist
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I am a realtor in Long Island and I have been using the View By Text product for about a month and could not be happier with product and our immediate returns.  I have about 20 signs on the road and I am thrilled with the daily leads that come directly to my cell phone.  I have picked up 5 new buyers, of which 2 are already in contract with other homes.  When the lead gets texted in, I have the opportunity to pitch the perspective buyer while they are still in front of the property.  In a matter of seconds, the buyer gets my mls listing sent to their phone with PICTURES of the home and a brief description.  Included in that text is all of my contact information, and my picture.  I get alerted that a possible buyer texted in on my property, and I call while they are still in front of the home.  If I can get 5 new buyers a month, I will QUADRUPLE my income from last year!  Also, a great feature of the View By Text service is for pre listings.  i have taken pictures of possible seller clients homes prior to sitting with the seller to try to get the listing.  View By Text takes my pictures and a short description of the property and makes a demo listing of the perspective sellers property.  I have the client do the demo of their pre loaded property and they see their own listing get texted directly back to their cell phone.  This has been very helpful in picking up listings as the client is very impressed with the product and get a kick out of seeing their own property on the demo.  Very powerful sales tool and I picked up 2 listings this month just from the demo on the pre listing appointment.  Couldn’t be happier with the service and I will be sure to send in future successes.
Joe P
Sales Manager
Wholesale Homes Realty


I am a loan officer with Semper home loans and have picked up 4 loans, with the VBT product, from realtors that I stopped in cold, over the last month.   For the most part, the realtor reaction has been very positive.  It gives me a platform to speak about a tangible product instead of the usual BS that realtors hear from loan originators.   I have booked 3 sales meetings and have had countless discussions.  It truly gives me an opportunity to discuss my bank, and the kind of loans we can close quickly and efficiently.   Because they are interested in expanding their own business via our product, I can speak about loans with a real audience.  Very refreshing and very easy to pitch.  We are closing a loan on Friday from a new realtor and he couldn’t be happier with the amount of text leads coming through and the speed of the clear to close on the loan end.  I have reached out to my attorney and retail banking contacts as well.  I have 2 new appointment s with a retail bank manager and attorney next week to go over the product and how it can benefit their realtor contacts.  Again, why would a real estate professional not want to, at least, sit down and here about a product that is guaranteed to bring them buyers?  And for FREE!   Have had preliminary conversations with both contacts and had them do a demo.  As soon as the demo was seen, an appointment was booked to come in and go over in further detail. I will continue to use this great new product and send over future success stories.

Glenn R
Branch Manager
Semper Home Loans




Dear ViewByText,

I was sold on it the day I was shown the technology. Once I started to show the realtors how it works, I couldn’t get enough signs. THEY LOVE IT ! ! ! It is a great source of leads and referrals for both us and our realtors.


Bobby Villone
Owner, Atlantis Mortgage Co Inc.


Many months ago I was fortunate to win one of View By Text’s Realtor Mobile Marketing signs and, I placed it at my listing at 46 Riverbank, Burlington City, NJ.    Over the course of months I’d say that I got at least 60 leads from that small sign.  When the price was lowered after the trial period for the service I was still getting hits so, it gave me a real valid reason to text and call.

Well, the property is closing on August 5th with MY BUYER, who was so shocked that within 3 minutes of him texting for information I was on the phone with him told him of the recent price reduction and scheduled an appointment for the next day. They absolutely fell in love with the property and put in an offer the following day.


The real interesting part of the story is I had this listed  4 years ago, and except for about 1 year during the past 4 I’ve been marketing it!!!

That’s nearly 3.5 years  and now I get BOTH ENDS of the deal.  Thanks for suggesting this service.  I will now have VBT’s service on all my properties.

Wayne S.

Weidel Realtors



Just a quick note to say thank you for all your company has done for me over the past couple of months.  I was not sure what to expect after winning your service back in July at the Monmouth County Women’s Council of Realtor event.  To say, “I’ve been super impressed”, is an understatement.  Your team has taken care of everything from sign production/delivery, setting up the listings, changing the listings, and creating marketing materials for my listing presentations.  As soon as I placed the signs on my listing I received buyer leads immediately and I can truly say that I have established several buyer prospects because I use your service. My clients have been impressed by the results and ViewByText has demonstrated to my sellers and buyers that I am on the cutting edge of technology.
Simply the best.

Sal B.
Coldwell Banker



Dear ViewByText,

I’ve been promoting and marketing my restaurant for many years now, and I must say text message marketing is by far in a leauge of its own. I’m loving the results already, and I’ve only been using it for a little over a month. I can’t wait until I have a large database – I’m just starting to realize the potential of contacting all my customers instantly.
Carlo Castranova
Owner, Guisseppe’s Pizza


Dear ViewByText,

I wanted to thank you and your staff at ViewByText for helping us wage a tremendous political campaign for Michael T. Bland.  I have many years of experience in the political arena and, I had never dreamed how mobile marketing could provide such an incredible benefit to our campaign.  From fund raising, to event planning, to transportation, your company was able to support all of these areas.  Our most successful text campaign was, providing transportation for those who needed it on Election Day.  ViewByText not only made it possible but, made it a very quick and orderly process.

ViewByText was a great way for an undersized campaign to be more effective, efficient, and productive.  Everyone has a cell phone today and, it was great to gather the interest of voters by providing information with a simple text.

During an election, many changes can occur with very little notice.  These last minute changes can cause chaos to a campaign. ViewByText allows you to change an event time or place and, in our case a line change.  One simple text message contacted hundreds of our voters and campaign team.  It also served as a great reminder system to keep people aware of activities that were going on through out the election.

With less people volunteering, ViewByText was able to help extend our capabilities. View By Text helped this campaign save a lot of money on advertising and, a lot of time not making or answering unnecessary phone calls. Even though we did not win, View By Text helped a 23 year old candidate get further than most would expect. I would highly recommend View By Text for any political campaign.
Kellie I. Drakeford
Deputy Chief of Staff
U.S. Senator Bob Menendez