7 Tools to Facilitate Social Media Marketing for Realtors

(TheNicheReport) — Most realtors don’t have the time or expertise to delve into the world of social media marketing.  Tweet what?  What do you mean, pin it?  Realtors spend most of their time out on the field, showing properties or submerge in the mountain of paperwork involved with selling properties.

What they don’t realize is that successful realtors are utilizing social media marketing to gain listings and sell real estate.  They are building their identity online, gaining followers, building amazing referral lists thanks to the world of social media.

In this article you will learn how to utilize 7 tools to help streamline your social media marketing efforts.  Creating content and building your name on all of the main social media platforms can be extremely time consuming.  The tools below will help maximize your time spent on your computer or smart phone delving into social media.



The first tool you can use in conjunction with your Facebook account is called Realbird. This tool helps you to make a lot more creative business pages that will attract buyers and sellers.It is an online social media platform specifically designed for real estate agents. It allows you to list homes for sale so that other people can see homes that you have listed on Facebook. This is where a lot of real estate agents start doing social media marketing and some are so successful with Facebook that it’s the only advertising they do.



Another great tool that you can use with twitter is called Tweet Lister. It helps you to list properties quickly and easily on twitter. It works great when you have a large following. On twitter it is easy to become an expert or guru on something. By getting a lot of followers, you can exert your influence and make more sales. For instance, if you become an expert in teaching people how to sell their home for sale by owner, and they may eventually decide that they want to list it with you. Twitter gives you an opportunity to slowly build a following through short tips and tweets.



The third tool that you can use is called Follr.com This tool allows you to create an online business card, making it easy to stay in touch with people. Also you can set it up pretty quickly and you can link it to your other online media profiles. It is also a good way to keep your profiles indexed in the search engines.



The fourth tool that you should use to grow your real estate business is LinkedIn.  This is great because it attracts business professionals. These are the types of people that typically have money to buy a home. Not only that, by letting everyone in your network know that you are a licensed real estate agent, a lot of them will choose you to represent them when they need to buy or sell a home. Linked in also allows you to send e-mails to people that you know and it is a great way to solicit business or offer your services.



One of the newest tools that you can use is called Pinterest. This service allows you to pin pictures up on your board. People who follow you will be able to see your pictures and they can follow a link from your pictures back to your website. Not only is it a great way to get traffic, but it is also a great way to generate links organically to your website.  When you pin pictures of a house you have for sale, your followers can immediately see the photos, and they can pin the photos too and share them with their followers.



This tool allows you to spend some time in the office writing a lot of micro-content to be shared through your social media channels.  Then, instead of manually posting the content, you upload it to socialoomph and schedule it to be uploaded over the following days or weeks.  So instead of having to research and write content every day, you spend a concentrated period producing content and it will be slowly disseminated with your social channels.



The seventh tool realtors can use to facilitate social media marketing is Houzz. Basically, this website contains one of the largest collections of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet. It is a great place to post photos if you are listing houses that have very inspiring interior designs.

It can be overwhelming to think of all the potential and possibilities available to realtors through social media marketing.  If you take advantage of the opportunity, you will be ahead of your competitors and can take leaps towards establishing your name and prominence in your community.